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I have been a self employed legal counsel in Switzerland since 2012, assisting both Italian citizens living in Switzerland and Swiss citizens interested in Italy. I am an expert in civil law with specific expertise in:

  • drafting contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate.
  • compensation for damages deriving from contractual responsibilities and family law, aswell as debt collection.
  • executing foreign sentences in Italy and Switzerland in relation to banking law, family law(unpaid alimony) and various types of contracts(unpaid rents, restitution of property on bailment, invalid sales contract, unpaid service charges, unpaid duties and taxes).

I work as a legal counsel with the major Italian trade union in Switzerland, covering legal disputes concerning civil and tax law. I provide assistance in relation to the correct application of the treaty against double taxation between Italy and Switzerland. I hold a large number of seminars organised by the trade unions mainly focused on inheritance tax matters.

In my past I have worked as a legal associate for an important Italian law firm(Studio Legale Associato Carnelutti), assisting major multinational companies in the Italian territory as well as banking groups on dismissals, union agreements, financial advisory employment contracts and staff leasing contracts. Provided consultancy services to the FORMEZ (Center of excellence, studies and training for the modernisation of the Italian public administration) in order to better define the tasks of the Italian administrations(ministries, regions, provinces and municipalities).

Actively provided advice on all HR related matters on a pan-european level:

  • Merges and acquisitions.
  • Drafting and managing legal policies.
  • Guidance to clients especially in the banking and finance industry aswell as training of non-legal personnel.
  • Issuing/maintaining standard contracts and strategic development of contracting models.
  • Data protection related matters according to the Italian data protection law.


Admission to the PhD in labour law and industrial relations at the "Marco Biagi Foundation", collaborated with Professor Michele Tiraboschi as a consultant for many company negotiations and collective bargaining agreements. Specialised in the use of flexible employment contracts and member of the Certification committee for employment agreements of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

My Education:

  • 2010 PhD Labour law and industrial relations.
  • 2007 Master in economy and finance of public administrations.
  • 2003 Admitted in to the Italian bar.
  • 2000 Law degree, Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University in Milano Italy.

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